Lorien (lorien22) wrote,

On the road

Hello to everybody
Sorry for writing in english, i don't have russian fonts in europe...

Until now i've been In Budapest, Sentendre, Visegrad, Estergome, Vienna, Bratislava, And now I'm in Prague...
At the beginning we've stayed in camping sites, and it wasn't cold or anything, although the facilities was really basic...
Budapest is too much "Sovok" for me, didn't liked it too much, Visegrad is a very lovely medieval city with a ashtonishing view on the danuba river, little red-roofed houses and Slovakia on the other side.
Vienna is wonderful, so much culture and beauty... We found a hostel for 6 euro per night(!!!), so we've stayed for 5 days, and i haven't seen half a stuff in Vienna that i wanted to see. Visited like a dosenmuseums, ate a wonderful food (there's a place called Salm Brau, only the people that been there will understand).
Bratislava is a small and quiet city, and i enjoyed the one day i've spent there so much. The prices were low, the girls were beautiful, the danuba river was splendid once again, and silence finally came into my heart.
And finally Prague... Been in prague before, six years ago. A lot of things changed, but the one thing that didn't changed at all is Prague. Prague is special... I've travelled almost every country in europe, been in more than 50 cities, but beside Venice there's no city i've seen so far that was so beautiful and special like Prague.
I love being here, i don't really want to come back. I'm enjoying being a traveller, it opens your eyes for new things and new experiences.
From prague I'm heading Germany, or Saxony to be correct, to Dresden, to see the national gallery, one of the most important art collections in the world. I've dreamt about this one maybe since i was 12 years old.
Hope to hear some good jazz in Poland, a lot of people told me that poland producing the most interesting jazz in the last decade.
I hope to enjoy every minute of this wonderful trip. I hope to drink a lot of beer and absinth, to eat a lot of local food, to breath the autumn air, to understand. I hope to write a good stories about this trip.

I miss you people.

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